In the Red Corner

In The Red Corner Cover

Volume III of the Operation Jigsaw Trilogy.

Following straight on from the climax of Volume II, the characters in this final book return to England where their separate actions lead to a shocking climax on Morecambe Bay.

In Earlsbury, the search is on for the senior police officer who was pulling the strings when DS Griffin was murdered, and Patrick Lynch receives an unwelcome visitor.

At Fylde Racecourse, Conrad finds himself in charge of the money laundering, and then he finds a way to communicate with Mina. He settles in to his new role and starts enjoying country life, but the idyll is very short-lived.

Without Tom to counsel her, Kate decides to discover what happened to Vinnie, no matter where the trail takes her.

As each character has to decide where their loyalties lie and who to trust, their decisions mean that the final hand in this game of poker is going to be All-in for Everyone.

The pace in this final volume of the Jigsaw trilogy continues the page-turning intensity of the first two books. Now that we know the characters, the reader’s sympathies are tugged one way and the other as they try to survive the struggle to bring down – or save – the corrupt empire of Sir Stephen Jennings.

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