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We all know the sounds of war, but what are the sounds of peace?

Conrad Clarke is about to get married. Could life get any better for the Lord Guardian of the North? The Codex Defanatus is sealed away, peace has been cemented in the Lakeland Particular and as far as he knows, no one is out to get him. Time to relax…

If only.

In the corridors of power, the new Warden is launching her project of change, and not everyone is happy.
Closer to home, Conrad has to deal with the entombed Spirit of the old Warden, and far away on the other side of the Pennines, magick is stirring.

Kathy Metcalfe hates her life at Beckthorpe Abbey, what with having to cook for all the recovering addicts, and she knows exactly how bad they are because she’s one herself. The only person at the Abbey who isn’t an addict is the oldest resident, Don Bell, and Don can’t speak.
And then one night, strange lights drift across the lawn, and suddenly Don is a man with a mission. A mission to be rescued, if only he can find a way to send a letter…

Not that Conrad has any clue about this. As far as he is concerned, getting to the church at all is going to be enough of a challenge, what with three gods insisting on wedding invitations and the mother and father of Hen and Stag parties to go first…

It’s been a long wait since Conrad’s last adventure – catch up with all the news from Mark Hayden’s best-selling King’s Watch universe and meet old friends again. Follow Conrad, Mina and the gang as they prepare for the Wedding of the Century and grab a copy of the latest adventures in the King’s Watch.

Also to be available on Audiobook from Audible in autumn 2023.

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