Bridget & Lucy

Caffè Milano: the cosy mystery offshoot to the King’s Watch books.

In 2022, Mark Hayden’s sister, Ruth Ward, wrote a cosy mystery novel to raise money for charity. Here is the book, and a little about Ruth and the charities.


Murder Within Tent

“On your marks.”

“Get set!”


And so the Great Byford Bake-off begins. And it ends with murder…

Byford is the perfect English village. There’s only one problem for Bridget Gorrigan – she hates the countryside. With a passion.  So why does a full on Goth from Liverpool find herself judging a baking competition in the middle of nowhere? Lucy. That’s why.

Lucy has already dragged Bridget out of her comfort zone to be her sidekick in Caffè Milano, and now the business is expanding. Into the countryside.

Bridget and Lucy find themselves judging the village’s bake-off competition,  and someone has murder on their mind. When one of the bakers drops dead, Bridget finds herself plunged into a mystery she simply has to solve, because Lucy is the prime suspect, and Lucy’s boyfriend is a police officer…

Find out how Bridget navigates the treacherous waters running through Byford and fights to save her friend. Donate to one or more of our charities, sign up to the list and prepare to immerse yourself in the weird and wonderful world of Byford.


Ruth Ward is the younger, better looking sister of Mark Hayden. That’s how she describes herself, and who am I to disagree? Until recently, she lived abroad and worked for a mysterious organisation whose name and purpose have never been clear.

Now that she is back in Britain, Ruth is at a loose end and volunteered to tackle a cosy mystery featuring some of the characters from her brother’s King’s Watch universe.

Available from Amazon

Available from Amazon as an eBook and on Kindle Unlimited.


Murder Within Tent was written to raise money and spread a little joy in the world.

The story was originally delivered as an Advent Calendar, with subscribers getting one chapter a day in December 2022, but it is now a regular eBook with all future profits going to our three chosen charities:


Ruth thoroughly enjoyed writing Bridget and Lucy’s first book. She is taking her time to think about whether she has a sequel in her. If you want to get in touch, please use the Contact Form on the main Paw Press website. There’s a shortcut here…