Six Furlongs

Saddle up for the ride of your life

In Clerkswell, the great and the good assemble for a Samhain party.

In Manchester, Mages prepare for the Warden Hustings.

But on a tree in the Furness Peninsula hangs the body of a man.

Someone thinks they have settled a score, but all they’ve done is start a feud.

A storm is brewing in the Lakeland Particular, and Conrad has to stop it turning into All Out War.

Fate has dealt him a difficult hand – another new partner, the implacable opposition of the Lakeland Mages and having to shield the members of his non-magickal team.

So Conrad does what he does best: grits his teeth and rides into the storm.

Find out how he cracks the case and stays alive. Put a copy of Six Furlongs into your saddlebag now.

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