Three Ring Circus

What’s it like to live forever?

Alicia is about to find out…
Just because you don’t grow old, it doesn’t mean you won’t die a violent death at the hands of your broodmates. Or the Queen who laid your egg.

From the moment she hatches in the Derwent Sídhe, Alicia is fighting. For her life. To gain position. To become an adult. And then, the moment she drops her wings and emerges, the fun really starts.
Alicia is the youngest Squire in the service of Princess Faith, and she is propelled into the heart of the biggest wedding in the world of magick this century: the joining together of the Dragonslayer and his consort. No pressure, then.

She fights to get on top of a bunch of unruly hens’ hairdos and just when she thinks she’s winning, the bottom falls out of her world.

She finds herself on her own, cut off from her People, about to become snake food and with nothing but a hairbrush to protect herself. Can she make a bid for freedom?

Woven in with Alicia’s story, we get a backstage pass to some of the events glossed over in Third Eye. What really happened at the hen do? How did Lucy’s car end up in the canal? And as for Mina and the stripper…

We also check in with Conrad and Mina on their Honeymoon in Valhalla, where Mina is not a happy bride. Not at first, anyway.

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