A Serpent in Paradise

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In Paradise, Beware the Serpent…

Welcome to 7Bridge, Cheshire’s most exclusive gated community.

Behind the barriers, sports stars and their wives are treated like royalty and insulated from reality, but something in the garden is rotten.

One of the residents is badly beaten and drowned. The local police quickly arrest a young footballer for murder, but DCI Tom Morton and his partner are convinced that they have the wrong man.

Morton and Fraser are only there to tie up loose ends, but they quickly unravel a poisonous web of secrets and back-stabbing. Can Tom and Elaine discover the truth before the case is closed and an innocent man is sent to prison?

This new adventure for Tom Morton follows straight on from Mark Hayden’s highly regarded Operation Jigsaw trilogy. Instead of a violent conspiracy, Tom finds himself grappling with the closed world of 7Bridge. Instead of a bomb, his equilibrium is threatened by his feelings for the victim’s sister. Elaine watches her boss struggle to maintain his professional approach while he has to cope with her volatile temper.

To find a very lucky killer, they need to fight through the lies and tear down the privileges of the very rich, who will bend every rule to keep their secrets to themselves.

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