Five Leaf Clover

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Welcome to Ireland. Now die.

Conrad has a lot on his plate, and recovering from a punctured kidney is only the start…

Top of his to-do list is a trip to Cornwall for an interview with Morwenna Mowbray, Vessel and victim of Fae magick.

Before he can go, Tom Morton has news on the missing book, the Codex Defanatus.

And soon it becomes clear that all roads lead across the Irish Sea, to a country where Conrad has no jurisdiction, no allies, and where his enemies are not one, but two Fae Queens.

He knows that it’s a long road to Galway, and that when he gets to the end, he’ll be alone, but choosing his travelling companions is only the first challenge.

Conrad’s struggle to wash the stain of the Codex from his family name reaches a climax in the Ninth Book of the King’s Watch – Five Leaf Clover.

Grab a copy now and find out if Conrad has the Luck of the Irish.

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