Paw Press Privacy Policy

Paw Press and Your Data

Paw Press is an independent publisher based in the UK. This policy explains what data we do and do not collect. It explains what we do with it and it explains your right to have your data removed.

Cookies and automatic data collection

Paw Press does not use cookies on its website. We do not track you if you are only browsing and we have no data-sharing links with any other website. If all you do is visit the website, we have no record of your visit and no idea who you are.

Mailing List Sign-up

If you sign up to the mailing list, we will store your name and your email address. We will store no other data about you and you can opt out of the mailing list at any time. In addition:

Rest assured that Paw Press:

​• Will not sell/give away/otherwise dispose of your data.

• Will store your data securely

• Will not bother you with any messages other than information about new things or updates about progress on new things.

Data Storage

Your name and email address will be stored locally within the Paw Press UK office. It will also be stored by our mailing list provider, Convertkit of Seattle, Washington, USA. Paw Press is satisfied that Convertkit have secure systems in place and they do not make your data available to anyone else.

Removal of your Data

You can ask for your data to be removed from the mailing list at any time. You can ask for it to be removed by emailing Paw Press, by using the Contact form on the website or by clicking Unsubscribe on the email.

If you ask for your data to be removed, it will be immediately deleted from our mailing lists and from lists of subscribers. You will receive no further contact from us. However, we will retain copies of correspondence we have sent you, including your contact details, as part of our normal business records.


If you use the form to Contact Us with a message, we may save your message and your contact details securely within our local UK office. We will not sell or give away your contact details. Otherwise, we will treat your message as we would any other correspondence.

Change of Ownership / Cessation of Trading

If Paw Press is taken over by another business, you will be notified and you will be given an option to have your details passed over as well. This will be an Opt-In decision. We will not transfer your data without your consent. Previous correspondence will not be traded but may be retained for two years for record purposes and then deleted.

In the event of Paw Press ceasing to trade, your data will be deleted from all mailing lists and databases. Copies of correspondence will be retained for two years for record purposes and then deleted.

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