Four Roads Cross

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The last time Conrad was unemployed, he got a visit from the Allfather. Look where that got him.

And now the Gnomes of Lakeland want him to be the new Commissioner.

A simple job: sort out the Assessors and put the Grand Union on a stable footing. They’re even willing to pay for an assistant to help him with the difficult magick stuff. What could possibly go wrong?

When you have two powerful factions who both think that they’re above the law, you also have a recipe for trouble when they fall out. Conrad has barely unpacked his suitcase before the Fae Queen of Derwent is in a standoff with the Greenings, and neither side look like they want to back down.

The peaceful fells and dales of Lakeland are about to see an all-out war unless Conrad, Cordelia and his under-strength team can keep them apart. When the walls close in, Conrad will need to make new friends and watch his back.

It all starts with a race down Great Langdale and it ends with an appointment at Lakeland’s oldest boundary marker, the Four Roads Cross. Grab yourself a copy of the new adventure in the King’s Watch and immerse yourself once again in the world of Conrad and Company.

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