Another Place to Die

Book Cover: Another Place to Die

The Perfect Place for Death…

Matt Cross is a pillar of the community in Southport: family man, entrepreneur and environmentalist. Everyone is happy to take his money, drink in his bars and forget where it all came from, until Matt is found murdered next to a statue in the woods behind his manor house.

DCI Tom Morton and DC Elaine Fraser are reunited to take on the case, which is too hot for the local police. Tom finds himself in an abandoned building with a team of misfits and facing a wall of silence.
Inside the wall, Matt’s team manoeuvre for position. The king is dead: will it be his widow, his lawyer or his enforcer who is crowned in his place? Connor Holden knows it won’t be him – he just wants to keep his job and his life.
Tom, taking the lead role for the first time in his career, struggles to find the truly guilty in an extended family where no one is innocent, and then he’s blindsided by the arrival of Lucy, a witness from another case – a witness he’d like to get a lot closer to.

Mark Hayden’s latest crime novel is an absorbing, multi-layered exploration of tragedy, duty, family and the fight for survival on the other side of the law.

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