Green for Danger

Part Two of the Operation Jigsaw trilogy.

After the shocking climax to A Piece of Blue Sky, the action moves to the small town of Earlsbury in the Midlands.

Patrick Lynch, captain of the golf club and pillar of the Irish Catholic community, is made an offer he can’t refuse: take on the distribution of large quantities of counterfeit cash.

Handling counterfeit goods is Pat’s stock-in-trade and, with his contacts in the police, he is confident that his network can handle the challenge.

It seems too easy, and it is.

Tom Morton gets wind of the operation in Earlsbury, and Patrick is forced to find a wholesale partner out of his area. One night, the handover of a large shipment of bank notes goes horribly wrong; the consequences devastate Pat’s family and threaten his survival.

Tom risks his career to join the investigation and is saddled with DC Kristal Hayes, the pariah of Midland Counties Police. Tom has to deal with the chip on Kris’s shoulder and someone working behind the scenes to sabotage his investigation.

After London and Essex, this book is set in the close-knit world of a small industrial town which is quick to close ranks when outsiders stick their nose into Earlsbury business.

We also touch base with Kate, Conrad and Mina from the first book as they go their separate ways: Kate leaves the Army, Conrad leaves the country, and Mina is tried for murder.

This is the second volume of the Operation Jigsaw trilogy, and continues the story begun in Volume I – A Piece of Blue Sky. The trilogy concludes with In the Red Corner.

Green for Danger is available on Kindle from Amazon: Click Here for the UK Amazon page or Click Here for the US version.

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