marshlight, a king's watch story

Make room for two new voices in the King’s Watch.
Does Karina have a shot at redemption?

She joined the King’s Watch to make a new start and ended up nearly finished.
She disobeyed a direct order. She jeopardised the mission. She shot a police officer. She’s going to jail.
Can she come back from that? Perhaps.

She’s given the chance to investigate her mother’s murder. A life taken when Karina’s life had just begun.
Karina heads to her childhood home in Kent to investigate a coven of Witches with some big secrets to hide. Can she do what she’s told and become part of the solution?

Karina’s story is told by the other new voice in the King’s Watch: Lucy Campbell.

Working with Mark Hayden, Lucy has explored the difficult life of Conrad Clarke’s shortest-serving sidekicks and brought her to life.

Find out how Karina faces up to her past and meets the challenge in this new King’s Watch novella.

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