Arrow in the Dark

arrow in the dark, a king's watch story

This is your second chance. Don’t blow it.

Conrad’s w*r*w*lv*s need protecting, and he thinks that Karina is perfect for the job.
She is not so sure, but for her, it‘s the only game in town.

Or to be exact, it’s out in the country. Way beyond civilisation, and way beyond her comfort zone.
Karina finds herself on the shores of Ullswater, Madreb to Conrad’s pack of Mannwolves and reporting to her Nemesis, Erin Slater.
Faced with a pack of traumatised wolves and cubs, Karina has to find a way to keep them together and make a future for all of them. She has to do something she’s never done before: lead a team.
And then a cub goes missing, and she finds the Pack depending on her. Totally.

Lucy Campbell has brought to life another adventure from Mark Hayden’s King’s Watch, and given voice to character who deserves to be heard.

Grab a copy of Arrow in the Dark and find out if Karina can take her second chance.

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