French Leave

french leave, a king's watch story

Set a Thief to Catch a Thief
Conrad has two enemies in France, one in exile and one on the run.

His first enemy was Keira Faulkner: she was caught, punished and exiled over the water.

And then came the Dragon. There were six Druids in the Dragon Brotherhood, and all are accounted for but one – Adaryn ap Owain. Conrad last saw her on a wet Welsh hillside, and she’d just stopped Vicky’s heart.

And now she’s gone, fled across the Channel and in hiding, but there are no cold cases in the King’s Watch.

Keira Faulkner offers him a way to Adaryn: in return for his intervention at court, she will go looking for the outlaw Druid. It costs Conrad nothing – so what could go wrong?

While he waits for Keira’s report, he has to deal with his family. Again. And then something does go wrong, and Conrad has to help his oldest enemy. On foreign soil. Who’s up for the job?

Grab a copy of French Leave and find out who joins Team Conrad on his first overseas operation.

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