marshlight, a king's watch story

Make room for two new voices in the King’s Watch.Does Karina have a shot at redemption? She joined the King’s Watch to make a new start and ended up nearly finished.She disobeyed a direct order. She jeopardised the mission. She shot a police officer. She’s going to jail.Can she come back from that? Perhaps. She’s […]

Fire Games: How Vicky lost her Shirt twice in one Night

fire games, a king's watch story

How to lose your shirt twice in one nightAnd your home… Vicky had the birthday card sorted: Happy Birthday to my Embarrassing Uncle And then Hannah orders her to Clerkswell to celebrate Conrad’s birthday in person. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Eseld Mowbray makes her an offer she can’t refuse. An offer that combines three […]

French Leave

french leave, a king's watch story

Set a Thief to Catch a ThiefConrad has two enemies in France, one in exile and one on the run. His first enemy was Keira Faulkner: she was caught, punished and exiled over the water. And then came the Dragon. There were six Druids in the Dragon Brotherhood, and all are accounted for but one […]

Ring of Troth

ring of troth, a king's watch story

Namaste.Yes, it’s me. Mina Desai. I should be the happiest girl in the world: I have a job, a home and now a fiancé. The only fly in the ointment is a snake called Pramiti. I owe her a debt. A debt that requires me to find, steal and restore that serpent’s magickal ruby. Unfortunately, […]

Wings over Water

wings over water, a king's watch story

How hard can it be to exorcise a few ghosts?Very. Roberta “Woody” Woodhouse is the Peculier Necromancer. Her job is to make safe the haunted places of England. A routine job in Yorkshire smells wrong. A long abandoned RAF airfield is haunted by the ghosts of airmen past. But why did they only appear when […]

Phantom Stag

phantom stag, a king's watch story

Three Hunters chase the Phantom Stag. One of them gets a clear shot. When the magick clears, the Stag is gone and it’s one of the Hunters lying dead with an arrow through his heart. There is evil in the forest. It’s time to send for the King’s Watch. In this spin-off novella from Mark […]

Five Leaf Clover

five leaf clover, Discover the Books of Mark Hayden

Welcome to Ireland. Now die. Conrad has a lot on his plate, and recovering from a punctured kidney is only the start… Top of his to-do list is a trip to Cornwall for an interview with Morwenna Mowbray, Vessel and victim of Fae magick. Before he can go, Tom Morton has news on the missing […]

Six Furlongs

Saddle up for the ride of your life In Clerkswell, the great and the good assemble for a Samhain party. In Manchester, Mages prepare for the Warden Hustings. But on a tree in the Furness Peninsula hangs the body of a man. Someone thinks they have settled a score, but all they’ve done is start […]

The Seventh Star

One Hell of a Party… Mina’s Bollywood extravaganza is a huge hit – especially when a surprise celebrity makes a dramatic entrance. While everyone queues for a selfie, Conrad is wondering why a Fae Princess has descended on him. It turns out she has a problem, and her problem is about to become Conrad’s problem: […]

Eight Kings

The King is Dead Long Live the King The Mage-King of Wessex has passed away, and the stage is set for a battle royal: The richest Mage in England versus the most powerful Coven of Witches. And Conrad finds himself in the middle. The struggle is a civilised one at first – Lord Mowbray and […]