Three Ring Circus

What’s it like to live forever? Alicia is about to find out…Just because you don’t grow old, it doesn’t mean you won’t die a violent death at the hands of your broodmates. Or the Queen who laid your egg. From the moment she hatches in the Derwent Sídhe, Alicia is fighting. For her life. To […]

Third Eye

third eye, Discover the Books of Mark Hayden

We all know the sounds of war, but what are the sounds of peace?Conrad Clarke is about to get married. Could life get any better for the Lord Guardian of the North? The Codex Defanatus is sealed away, peace has been cemented in the Lakeland Particular and as far as he knows, no one is […]

Four Roads Cross

four roads cross, Discover the Books of Mark Hayden

The last time Conrad was unemployed, he got a visit from the Allfather. Look where that got him. And now the Gnomes of Lakeland want him to be the new Commissioner. A simple job: sort out the Assessors and put the Grand Union on a stable footing. They’re even willing to pay for an assistant […]

Five Leaf Clover

five leaf clover, Discover the Books of Mark Hayden

Welcome to Ireland. Now die. Conrad has a lot on his plate, and recovering from a punctured kidney is only the start… Top of his to-do list is a trip to Cornwall for an interview with Morwenna Mowbray, Vessel and victim of Fae magick. Before he can go, Tom Morton has news on the missing […]

Six Furlongs

Saddle up for the ride of your life In Clerkswell, the great and the good assemble for a Samhain party. In Manchester, Mages prepare for the Warden Hustings. But on a tree in the Furness Peninsula hangs the body of a man. Someone thinks they have settled a score, but all they’ve done is start […]

The Seventh Star

One Hell of a Party… Mina’s Bollywood extravaganza is a huge hit – especially when a surprise celebrity makes a dramatic entrance. While everyone queues for a selfie, Conrad is wondering why a Fae Princess has descended on him. It turns out she has a problem, and her problem is about to become Conrad’s problem: […]

Eight Kings

The King is Dead Long Live the King The Mage-King of Wessex has passed away, and the stage is set for a battle royal: The richest Mage in England versus the most powerful Coven of Witches. And Conrad finds himself in the middle. The struggle is a civilised one at first – Lord Mowbray and […]

Nine of Wands

Conrad and the gang face their toughest challenge yet in Nine of Wands. After the deadly events of TENFOLD, Conrad reckons he and Mina deserve a little quality time with his folks in Spain. Fate has another idea. A chance visit to a tarot reader reveals that his future is governed the Nine of Wands […]


The new challenge for Conrad, Vicky, Mina and the gang carries straight on from their adventures in The Eleventh Hour and starts with Conrad & Vicky being presented with their medals for slaying the Dragon. Except it doesn’t. There is a terrible explosion before the ceremony and three fatalities. The King’s Watch is in trouble, […]

The Eleventh Hour

Cover and link to the 11th Hour

Another Day, Another Scar… Conrad needs a rest, and so does Vicky, his partner in fighting magickal crimes. The universe has other ideas. Conrad had planned the perfect weekend in the English Lake District – tie up some loose ends before spending the night with his girlfriend. Simple. What could possibly go wrong? Everything is […]