The Eleventh Hour

Cover and link to the 11th Hour

Another Day, Another Scar…

Conrad needs a rest, and so does Vicky, his partner in fighting magickal crimes. The universe has other ideas.

Conrad had planned the perfect weekend in the English Lake District – tie up some loose ends before spending the night with his girlfriend. Simple. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything is the answer.

An innocent man is murdered to cover up magickal misdeeds, and before they can draw breath, Conrad and Vicky are on the trail of a Mage who hides behind dark magick to kill at a distance.

In the third book of Mark Hayden’s highly praised King’s Watch sequence, Conrad and Vicky have to unlock doors and penetrate the ancient families of the Lakeland Particular to unmask a killer with an agenda of vengeance who doesn’t care who dies on the way.

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