In the Red Corner

In The Red Corner Cover

Volume III of the Operation Jigsaw Trilogy. Following straight on from the climax of Volume II, the characters in this final book return to England where their separate actions lead to a shocking climax on Morecambe Bay. In Earlsbury, the search is on for the senior police officer who was pulling the strings when DS […]

Green for Danger

Part Two of the Operation Jigsaw trilogy. After the shocking climax to A Piece of Blue Sky, the action moves to the small town of Earlsbury in the Midlands. Patrick Lynch, captain of the golf club and pillar of the Irish Catholic community, is made an offer he can’t refuse: take on the distribution of […]

A Piece of Blue Sky

A Piece of Blue Sky, the 13th Witch, Discover the Books of Mark Hayden

The first part of the Operation Jigsaw Trilogy. A tragic accident and a suspicious transaction: two small pieces of a deadly jigsaw. DS Tom Morton and his cousin, Captain Kate Lonsdale, are each given one small piece. Tom is trying to bury himself in work after his wife dumps him, and Kate wants to know […]