Welcome to Paw Press 2017

It’s hard to believe that Paw Press published its first books three years ago. Since then, the characters who populated the Operation Jigsaw books have gone on to newer and better things, and it’s time to reflect that on the website and in the way we present the books to you, the reader.

The two new Tom Morton books are character driven crime. They aren’t thrillers, and we want crime readers to find them for what they are. That’s why the website and the Amazon pages have been redesigned to reflect this.

We are also looking forward to the publication of the new Conrad Clarke urban fantasy novels in the autumn. Watch this space.

The Operation Jigsaw books haven’t gone away, they’ve just been politely asked to move down the bus to let someone else grab the spotlight. And if you think that’s a mixed metaphor, just see some of the beauties that Tom Morton comes up with when he’s let loose on his own. Click here to see more.