The Twelve Dragons of Albion

Cover for the 12 Dragons of Albion by Mark Hayden

My name is Conrad Clarke and I claim my reward…

You’d think that staying alive and saving the girl – not to mention saying No to Helen of Troy – would be enough for now. But no…

After proving himself in a desperate magickal battle, Conrad Clarke is admitted to the King’s Watch and given a commission to help regulate the world of magick. And what does the world of magick do? It laughs in his face.

At least Conrad now has a partner and some serious magickal firepower. Vicky Robson (a much better Mage than Conrad will ever be) joins him on a mission to investigate rumours of a Dragon’s egg, and also to get him through his magickal entry test for the Invisible College.

And then Conrad discovers that the Invisible College won’t let him keep his ammunition, and that the Dragon’s egg is all too real.

So what does he do? Conrad grits his teeth and reminds the magickal world that he who laughs loudest laughs last…

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