Eight Kings – the Sixth Book of the King’s Watch

The King is Dead

Long Live the King

The Mage-King of Wessex has passed away, and the stage is set for a battle royal:

The richest Mage in England versus the most powerful Coven of Witches.

And Conrad finds himself in the middle.

The struggle is a civilised one at first – Lord Mowbray and the Daughters of the Goddess meet for a conference in Mowbray’s Mage palace of Pellacombe, with Conrad, Mina and Saffron sent to see fair play.

Until first tragedy and then murder plunge the staff kingdom of Wessex into a dangerous crisis, and Conrad has to draw on all his team’s powers and his own experience to avoid a bloodbath.

The sixth instalment of Mark Hayden’s sage of the King’s Watch is a deep study of power at the sharp end, where families and clans are stretched beyond breaking point in the brutal world of magick.

Grab yourself a copy of Eight Kings and immerse yourself in the addictive world of the King’s Watch.

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