Dramatis personae (Who’s Who)

I’ve come across an awful lot of people during my time in the King’s Watch. Some good, some bad and some who switch from one to the other. Some of you have been kind enough to say that it can get a bit confusing. To help out, I’ve created three lists.

The first list is just an alphabetical list by first name.

The second list is the names and job titles of my comrades in The King’s Watch, along with our sister branches of magickal law enforcement.

The third list is similar, but relates to the Invisible College at Salomon’s House.

In all three cases, the list gives a few details about people when I first came across them. Some have since died, and some turned out to be evil. I’ve just given you the basic facts.

So that you can keep a copy on your e-Reader (or print it), I’ve put the lists into three PDFs which you can download: