King’s Watch Stories

Welcome to a new seam of stories from the world of the King’s Watch.

These are shorter tales of the Watch, not all of them told by Conrad. In fact, the first of the King’s Watch Stories is told by Vicky:

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Three Hunters chase the Phantom Stag. One of them gets a clear shot .

When the magick clears, the Stag is gone and it’s one of the Hunters lying dead with an arrow through his heart.

There is evil in the forest. It’s time to send for the King’s Watch, and time for Vicky to take centre stage as the action moves to Shakespeare Country: the Forest of Arden.

Not only does Vicky tell the story, she has to do the heavy lifting – this is one case which only magick can solve, and Conrad knows when he’s out of his depth.

Vicky has to face the Forest of Arden on her own, and inside the enchanted wood, the Fae are waiting, not to mention renegade Hunters, ghosts and the Stag himself…

Find out how Vicky copes on her own and what she really thinks of Uncle Conrad in this first standalone story of the King’s Watch.

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*This novella is about 20% of the length of a full novel – 25,000 words.

*The action takes place during Tenfold, the Fourth Book of the King’s Watch.

*You don’t need to have read any of the books to enjoy this novella!