Time for a new Recipe

Going through the proofreader’s comments on my book, I learned a lot:

  1. That those vague ideas I had about too many Capital Letters were right. I removed hundreds of them.
  2. That I had written the whole book under the misapprehension that co-ordinating conjunctions do not require a comma. They do.
  3. That I began a huge number of dialogue elements with ‘well’, ‘right’, ‘OK’ and ‘Sorry’. These have been pruned.
  4. That it is very difficult to transfer changes from one source document to another, even with two monitors.

The net result is that I have a much neater book. It isn’t much better as a read, it’s just neater. None of my beta readers spotted those mistakes and they were all able to read the book without any trouble. Now the next set of readers can enjoy it even more.