The Proof of the Pudding*

* Pedantry note: the original meaning of ‘proof’ is ‘test’. Thus, the ‘test’ of the pudding is in the eating, which makes much more sense than a rigorous scientific demonstration that the pudding is, in fact, a pudding.

The same meaning of ‘Proof’ applies to having your work proofread by a professional. 2QT Publishing have just supplied (for a  reasonable fee) a proofread of my book.


In a manuscript of 94,000 words, the proofreader supplied 5,591 corrections. I wouldn’t want that job.

I compose my work in Scrivener (subject of another post) and the proofread was done in MS Word so that I can use the Track Changes feature to see what the editor has changed.

I now have to get out my second monitor and have the Word document in the left screen and Scrivener in the right and make all those changes.