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About Mark Hayden

Mark Hayden is the nom de guerre of Adrian Attwood. He lives in Westmorland with his wife, Anne.

Adrian has had a varied career working for a brewery, teaching English and being the Town Clerk in Carnforth. He is now a part-time writer and part-time househusband.

The first of his books, the Operation Jigsaw trilogy have now been published on Amazon and he hopes to release two more in 2014.

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The World of Cairndale

 In the Red Corner, you’ll come across the fictional town of Cairndale. With a little editing (and many apologies to Google), you can see where Cairndale lies in this image (click the pic to see it in more detail:


There are other apologies due – to the residents of Carnforth, Milnthorpe, Silverdale, and many other villages, all of whom saw their communities disappear to make way for Cairndale, Byford and the rest.

In this alternative universe, the river Cowan forms the boundary between Lancashire & Westmorland; in the words of Vera Stanhope, “Cumbria? Never heard of it!”

The Operation Jigsaw Trilogy

The Operation Jigsaw trilogy is Mark Hayden’s first published work.

When he decided to take his own route to market by publishing through Paw Press on Kindle, he did a lot of research and one of the most consistent pieces of advice was:

Have more than one book available.

So, he decided to write a trilogy.

The structure is a little like Steig Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy (The one about the girl with the dragon tattoo). This was entirely accidental because he didn’t read Larsson until after he’d written his books.

The first volume is more-or-less complete as a story but has some very large un-tied loose ends. The second and third volumes run almost continuously.

You can read about them in the Books section of this website.