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The Fourth Book of the King’s Watch is now available to pre-order.

The new adventure for Conrad, Vicky, Mina and the gang carries straight on from their adventures in The Eleventh Hour and starts with Conrad & Vicky being presented with their medals for slaying the Dragon.

Except it doesn’t. There is a terrible explosion before the ceremony and three fatalities. The King’s Watch is in trouble, and Conrad’s 11xGreat Grandfather is the only one with answers.

The Watch has to Summon Thomas Clarke from his watery resting place in the Clerk’s Well and find out why dark magick is appearing all over England before there are more deaths.

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Did you Know the Gods can use mobile phones?

They can, and Odin has a message for Conrad…

Conrad Clarke, former RAF pilot and alleged gangster gets a text – and a visit – from The Allfather.

Odin has a challenge for Conrad: sign up to protect England from wild magick and get a commission in the King’s Watch.

All he has to do is find a missing witch. Simple.

Conrad never could resist a challenge. Before you can say “Ragnarok”, he’s plunged into a world of gods, mages, witches, dwarves and one very aggressive giant mole.

But the witch doesn’t want to be found, and powerful mages will kill to keep her hidden. Going back isn’t an option. Going forward looks a lot like death.

Armed with nothing but a sense of humour and a willingness to cheat, Conrad has to find the Witch and save his life.

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Cover for the 13th Witch by Mark Hayden
The 13th Witch – The First Book of the King’s Watch

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12 Dragons – The 2nd Book of the King’s Watch

Cover and link to the 11th Hour
The 11th Hour – Third Book of the King’s Watch

And if you’ve read the books, you’ll know that there’s a promise of a philosophical discussion. I hate to disappoint my readers, so click on the image:

Do we have free will?