Website Under Construction

If you’re very old (i.e. over 40) you may remember the early days of the internet, when people were just starting to get their own web pages.

I won’t say web ‘sites’ because only the very rich could afford to register and host a domain. You used to get a page on a community platform, type ‘Welcome to Joe Bloggs’s web page’ and the server would stick a standard graphic on your page.

One of my favourite sites was Geocities, a wonderful introduction to the Internet for many people. You can still use it in Japan, apparently.

Well, this is a homage to those days, when was owned by the Boston Bay Computer company. I hope to take this post down soon, because it’s only here while I rebuild my site.

I did look into having a Localhost of WordPress. Nah. I’m too old for that.

That’s me…

Mark Hayden is the pen name of Adrian M. Attwood. He lives in Westmorland with his wife, Anne.

He has had a varied career: working for a brewery, teaching English and being the Town Clerk in Carnforth. He is now a part-time writer and part-time house-husband.