A Break with Present

Now that I’m in the middle of preparing my books for publication, there’s no better time to get inspiration for my next two – and that was an excellent excuse to visit one of my old haunts on the east coast: Whitby.

When we lived in Middlesbrough, I used to love going there for the day. If you’ve never been, I can thoroughly recommend it – provided you pick your moment. On a sunny summer’s day, the queues go all the way back to Guisborough.

For its size, Whitby offers more atmosphere than any other town in England, I reckon. This is a fairly typical view (click to enlarge):

WhitbyAs you can see, the town is dominated by the ruins of the Abbey and almost all of the buildings in the centre are worth looking at.

It does also boast England’s best fish & chip shop (2014 winner: The Quayside) and many, many excellent pubs.

It’s going to be a while before the next two books come out (I have to write them first …) but I’ve already chosen the titles:

For the next Tom Morton book: Port in a Storm.

For the first Casebook of Dr Conrad Clarke: The Thirteenth Witch.